I spent all day setting up a PayPal account, making a commission post and a post about my dog health (which is bad and she requires operation and rehabilitation). Thankfully my family somehow managed to fund the operation and I just need to raise money for the rehab. I’m waiting for PayPal to confirm my account and here I go.

I’m nervous though.



Nekomonaka :

story cheetah ride a road bike

that you have experience and knowledge that you have acquired through the bike, it was thought, that you want to do, want to say Toka 薀蓄 iffy, but it is for comics.

It’s cause the only character in the blog of their own point of view that you want to say also so bland

You think I wish I could put in a cartoon guy with us by creating a character

I put Anna meaning As I said in the operating and the origin of the name of the past Issen sound.

Three letters of the past sound Tteyuu “tuning fork” of the word seems to mean in the (probably) Spanish Tteyuu “Cheetah”

onza onsite

I received from

(But it is a little anxiety cheetah is the matching at onza Dattari guepardo Geparudo, with or was the name of a different animal, depending on site)

I’ll try diligently you feel like it updated

I want to continue to do small things To the things Ochi without climax without cartoon road bike citizens until more

Heck I want to ride a bicycle in early hero







  • humans and ocs and fantrolls and most everything is a-ok!
  • furries and animals are a-ok! (see examples here!)
  • porn is a-ok! (there are some kinks i won’t draw. see list here!)
  • gore is a-ok! (see my gore art tag here)
  • price is always negotiable! i’m willing to draw simpler things for lesser price!
  • i only accept payments through paypal!
  • i only accept payments in euros! (you can easily convert any currency to euros in paypal!)

email me at sukkahai@gmail.com!
please do not send me asks about commissions! tumblr is very unreliable with messages so i’d rather get even price related questions directly to my email instead of tumblr!

i take 5 commissions at a time! you can see the up-to-date list of slots HERE!!

♥ thank you for taking the time to read this post! ♥